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Exercise sucks, drink beer instead

SuperBowl ad from low-carb beer brand, Michelob Ultra. starring Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon

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It’s Super Bowl time (next Monday to be precise) and that means one thing (the confusing football game aside) – lots of very big budget ads.

Enter the work for low-carb beer brand Michelob Ultra starring none other than Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

With a host of stars, gags and a strong message of “exercise sucks, drink beer instead”, the ad’s already accrued a massive online fanbase, with some daring to call the minute-long masterpiece the best ad ever made!

The spot starts with Fallon, 45, working out with famed wrestler-come-actor John Cena. He then takes to the track with the band The Roots providing the soundtrack and the fastest man ever, Usain Bolt, providing some inspiration: “Still got it, Jimmy!”

There’s also cameos from golf pro Brooks Koepka and volleyball stars Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat.

The ad’s the work of creative agency Foote, Cone & Belding.

Commenting on his efforts in the ad, Fallon said: “I was so sore, either it was the Michelob Ultra or working out, I lost 10 pounds doing that commercial.”

The spot’s already proving a social media success, with viewers praising the work.

“This is the best commercial ever made!!!” tweeted one fan. “Outstanding commercial!! And I’m with Jimmy… exercise Sucks!” tweeted another. “LMAO! OMG this is hilarious,” penned another.

Azania Andrews, VP of marketing at Michelob Ultra, added: “It’s just a fun take on how people feel about wellness and working out as only Jimmy can do, and we’re really excited about this message. The ad recognises that for a lot of people being active is a chore and tiring, and to bring some joy and positivity to it.”

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