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Re-born to be Alive: I Can't Wait for the Season Finale

Game of Thrones is crowd surfing the social media these days. Millions of fans all over the world have one big question: how will this end? True fans can hardly wait to find out who will rule the seven kingdoms. Yet, there's one great comfort for all of them: eventually they will get the answer when everything falls in place in the grand finale. Well. Almost all of them.Wim is a big fan, but he is a lung patient too, desperately waiting to receive new lungs since a long time already. And if he doesn’t get an organ donation on time he might not live to see the series finale.The more organ donors, the more chances he has. Become an organ donor.

Category: Health & safety

Client: Re-born to be alive

Agency: Duval Guilaume

Country: Belgium

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